The founder of Albanian Community in California are the following.

Klement Tinaj – was born in Albania in 1990 and move to New York when he was a child. He finished his high school with high honors in Yonkers, NY where he opened the first Albanian Club. He finished four years college for three and half years in Long Island and moved to Los Angeles to get his masters degree. After Mr. Tinaj finished his masters he opened his own schools Tinaj Arts & Sports Academy known as TASA.  His school is for low income and at risk youth. Mr. Tinaj also opened Klement Tinaj Foundation (KTF) to help feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and educate the needy. Because of the love Mr. Tinaj has for acting he opened United International Film Festival (UIFF) – Top 100 best reviewed film festival in the world. Mr. Tinaj also owns other small business in Los Angeles.


A side from being a CEO, Mr. Tinaj is a multitalented person and well-respected artist. He grow up acting in both stage and screen. He is best known as an actor, martial artist, producer and writer.


Mr. Tinaj is the first Albanian to run for Governor of California in 2018 and the youngest Candidate for Governor in the history of California.

Our Staff

Klement Tinaj

Born in Tirana/ Albania in 1975. From his childhood his parents and school teachers discovered his musical talent. Attended " Kongresi i Permetit" music school playing cello but did not follow music into high school due to financial hardship. He moved on learning and teaching himself to play in few instruments such as guitar, hand drums, drums and keyboards.During the early 90' he began to train and compete as a boxer locally and nationally under the colors of Dinamo club to whom he gave two national champion medals in 1993 and in 1994 and a silver medal at Akropolis Cup 1995. Studied for theology in Budapest at Intenrnational Baptist Lay Academy during 1998-1999 then upon graduation he moved to Kosova as a missionary until 2001. August 2001 finds him in Los Angeles California where he decided to reside to this day. Joined US Air Force in 2008 and served for six years based at Moreno Valley, March ARB. Studied for criminal justice/ investigations, yet to be gradueted. He is an activist of the Albanian community as of 2005. He considered his duty to stand for justice and protest against the armed conflict in Kumanovo, Macedonia in 2015 even though the Los Angeles community was not that organised. Altin has organized Albanian parties bringning community together for few years now. His goal is to get the community to build, get stronger, expand, be part of the diversity among other communities in California and have a voice to protect this community. He is very pro keeping the tradition deffending community from assimilation. His vision has few points that he would like to share with you in the near future.

Altin Plasa
Nazmi Qereti

Born in Shkoder/Albania in June 05, 1946. Nazmi Qereti is a father of two children Bledar dhe Bleona, married to Oli Qereti.

He studied at the Agricultural Mechanical in Durres and attended the Interior Ministry Academy. 

He studied political science and judicial law at Tirana University May 26, 1985.

Knowledge and degree of Italian and English languages.

A mechanical Technic in Shkodra-Albania from 1967 to 1976.

After the graduation from the Interior Ministry Academy he was given the title Intelligence officer in July 16,1977. He kept this position until January 1993 then due to a Defense reform he had to pause for a while.

In January 1997 he re-gained his position in the Albanian police force until June 2004. 

Due to his daughter's celebrity status, family needs and activities he had to get an early retirement 2004. He fully retired in 2011.

As of May 10th 2012 he lives in Los Angeles CA near his daughter Bleona Qereti.

He supports Klement Tinaj for Gorvernor and wants to be part of this community.